"Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheeshah"- ("Let the rulers rule the world with law and justice")

  • Teaching Faculty
  • Ministerial Staff


Sri Bore Gowda Principal
Sri Bore Gowda W/S Cal & Sci & E.D. J.T.O
 Sri Harish M.S Fitter J.T.O
 Smt. Harinakshi B.N Ele-Mech . J.T.O
 Sri Lingaraju.M Electrician J.T.O
 Kum . Kumari .R Ele-Mech J.T.O
 Sri Doreraj C Fitter J.T.O
 Sri Karunakara M.S Electrician J.T.O

Sri Rajesh.P


Smt. Harini B R




W/S Cal & Sci &Engg.Drg.J.T.O

Employability Skills & Computer Sci. J.T.O


 Sri Babu  Office Superintendent
 Smt. Indiramma B.K  First Division Assistant
 Sri Jayaramu. R  Second Division Assistant
 Sri . Rangaswamy  W/S Attemder
 Sri Shekhar  W/S Attemder
 Sri Thamanna M  Group ' D '
 Sri Mahadeva  Group ' D '


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