"Nyayena Margena Maheem Maheeshah"- ("Let the rulers rule the world with law and justice")


The Trainee Shall:

  • Strictly adhere to time table for all the subjects.

  • Obtain a minimum of 80% attendance in each subjects. Regular attendance will be insisted upon.

  • Late comers without written Explanation From Parents or guardians will not be admitted to the class , A prior Permission is needed from the concerned J.T.O ,T.O and Principal for his absence

  • Adhere the rules , regulations and discipline of the institution

  • Be debarred from the institution besides disciplinary action as per law if found involved in any sort of ragging.

  • Be discharged from the institution if absent for three Monthly tests or one Month continuously

  • Obtain an identity Card from the office br paying the prescribed fee,

  • The trainees shall not bring Mobile phone , I Pod, and other entertainment electronics goods.

  • Any misbehavior, misconduct ,or mislead of a person will be discharged without any reason.

  • The parent must attend at least once in a month to check up the Progress of your Children.


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